The Project

I created this website as my bachelor project. It aims to convey the different structures of the human brain on multiple levels in an aesthetically pleasing way. The project was created in collaboration with the scientist Taylor Newton. He works at the Blue Brain Project, where I completed an internship.
The Blue Brain Project is a swiss research initiative that is part of the EPFL. Its goal is to digitally reconstruct and simulate the rodent brain and hopefully moving on to the human brain in the future.

Thank you

First of all thank you for visiting my website
Taylor Newton for doing all the scientific proofing of both the imagery and the text, without ever keeping me waiting. Your apt support was essential to my workflow.
Alessandro Holler for your patience and creative support.
Leana Wirth for keeping me from throwing my computer out of the window when it crashed.
Caitlin Monney for guidance in my internship
All my friends for the beer.
Marwan Abdellah for writing NeuroMorphVis


Hi, I am Jean Rémy Kesselring. This project concludes my bachelor studies at the Zurich university of arts in the field if scientific visualization.
I was born and raised in Zurich.


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